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Winter Weather Closing/Delay/Early Dismissal Information (2021-2022 School Year)

Please take a moment to review Chenango Valley Central School District’s winter weather closing, delay, and early dismissal procedures to help ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Careful regard for safety is made when considering snow, ice, and other weather-related delays or closings. Contact is made with local town highway departments, input from the National Weather Service is considered, and discussions are held with our transportation department and other area school districts. *Any additional updates to this information will be communicated as needed.*

The district will notify parents/guardians about these occurrences through the following channels:
  • Notifications for delays, closings, and early dismissals are shared with local media, shared through our automated calling system (these voice messages are sent to the phone numbers of students’ primary contacts), and sent via our opt-in emergency alert system* (which includes an email and/or text message alert notification). 
    • *Please make sure that you are signed up for our opt-in text/email emergency alert notifications and that your information is updated. Visit for details.
  • Notifications are also posted on our website ( and mobile app.

  • A school closing means that schools are closed for that calendar day. When school is closed due to inclement weather, there will not be extracurricular activities such as meetings, practices, and contests.
  • With a one- or two-hour delay schedule, your child’s school day will begin one or two hours after the regular start time. Dismissal times will remain the same.
    • One or Two Hour Delay Impact on Pre-K Schedule:
      • If there is a one-hour delay in the morning, A.M. pre-K classes still attend on a one-hour delay schedule. Dismissal will be at the normal A.M. time. Full-day pre-K will follow the one-hour delay schedule. P.M. classes will attend on the normal P.M. schedule.
      • If there is a two-hour delay in the morning, the A.M. pre-K classes are canceled. Full-day pre-K will follow the two-hour delay schedule. P.M. classes attend on the normal P.M. schedule.
  • In the event that a three-hour delay schedule is utilized, your child’s school day will start three hours after the usual start time with dismissal times staying the same. A three-hour delay schedule would be utilized only if weather conditions forecasted indicated a significant improvement that would allow road crews the time needed to make our roadways safe for travel. In addition, a three-hour delay may assist us in preventing changes to planned vacation days already on our school calendar.
    • Three Hour Delay Impact on Pre-K Schedule:
      • If there is a three-hour delay in the morning, there will be no A.M. or P.M. pre-K classes. Full-day pre-K will follow a three-hour delay schedule.
  • If there is an early dismissal due to potentially dangerous weather conditions, all extracurricular activities will be canceled. Please make sure that you have a plan in place for situations where your child may be released early.