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Primary Project

Both Port Dickinson Elementary and Chenango Bridge Elementary's Primary Project programs are now nationally certified!

Students up to grade 3 may be selected to participate in this evidence-based program by their classroom teacher, school social worker, principal, or the Primary Project Child Associate. The program is designed for students who are experiencing mild school adjustment issues and meet specific criteria, as determined by an assessment completed by their classroom teacher. If your child is chosen to participate, you will be contacted by the school's Child Associate, Heather Wiggins. 

If you believe this program would be beneficial for your child, you are encouraged to discuss it with their classroom teacher.

More information on the Primary Project can be found here.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions:
Port Dickinson Elementary Social Worker - Amanda Silvanic: [email protected]
Chenango Bridge Elementary Social Worker - Kimberlee Katusha: [email protected] 
Director of Pupil Services - Johanna Hickey: [email protected]