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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

C V Superintendent David P Gill

February 2022

Dear Chenango Valley Community,

As we move forward into this new year, I am grateful for the continued partnership of our Warrior community. Our children need to see us work as a team in helping them grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Modeling patience, adaptability, and support of each other helps the Chenango Valley community continue to provide the best educational environment possible for our Warriors.

While we all hoped the COVID-19 pandemic would be well behind us at this point, it is clear that we will need to continue to be vigilant in following protocols meant to protect the health and safety of our school community. Please make sure to continue to monitor your child’s health each day prior to sending them to school. I recognize the frustration and confusion the pandemic has caused, and we will continue to work to keep you informed.

Chenango Valley continues to work on addressing the challenges brought on by the bus driver shortage. As previously addressed, we understand the hardships that can be caused by delays in transportation pick-ups and drop-offs when there are driver absences. We commend the dedication and commitment of our transportation department. They work hard to transport students safely to and from school each day, with drivers at times needing to adjust to multiple routes in order to make this possible. I recognize that these changes cause frustration and disruption to our families. We are working hard to make adjustments to ensure that we are able to sustain in-person learning each day and avoid having to go to fully-remote instruction. We will continue to keep our Warrior community updated as we work to find long-term solutions to this challenge that is impacting the nation. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more about becoming a bus driver, please contact our Transportation Supervisor, Sue Ticknor, at 607-762-6850 or [email protected]

Thank you to our Warrior community for approving a new district capital improvements project. We are excited to begin this work and have our Warriors benefit from the prospective renovations. You can learn more about the project on page 9 of this Newscaster. Additional information can also be found at We will continue to keep you updated as this project moves along.

Budget planning meetings are underway for the upcoming school year. We are working on a conscientious budget that supports the educational success and well-being of our students and staff. Starting in February, budget workshops designed to help keep the public informed will be held. You can see the dates of these workshops below. Information and any potential updates will also be posted on our district website.

I wish you all the best in this new year!



Dr. David P. Gill
Superintendent of Schools