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12-12-22 Notifications

12/12/22 – Update as of 1:20 pm: The lockout has been lifted for all Chenango Valley schools. The security concern in the community has been addressed by law enforcement. Thank you to all who helped to monitor today’s situation and to local law enforcement for keeping us informed.

12/12/2022 - as of 12:00 pm: The CVCSD has been informed by law enforcement of a safety concern regarding an individual in the community. As an abundance of caution, all Chenango Valley school facilities are in a lockout, meaning all students are staying indoors and people are not permitted in the school until we are notified of the situation being resolved by the police. All School Resource Officers have been alerted and are monitoring the situation. We will notify you when the lockout has been lifted.

IMPORTANT - This is precautionary only, there have been no threats made towards our school(s) or school community.