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CV Art Exhibition Showcases Student Talents

artwork on displayelementary art on display

The artistic talents of students from throughout the district are on display in the 2023 Chenango Valley Art Exhibition, showcasing a variety of outstanding 2D and 3D art pieces. The exhibition is located right beside the Chenango Valley Middle/High School auditorium, making it easily accessible for many to enjoy.

Wonderful job to all featured and congratulations to the CV High School students who were recognized for their artwork at the awards ceremony on May 15! The awards were chosen by adjudicators who have never met the students before. Judging was certainly not an easy task with so many exceptional pieces.

CVCSD 2023 District Art Show Awards


Honorable Mention - Chris Davies- Watercolor Frog
Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Dzuba- Rose Diptych
Honorable Mention - Kenna Wales- Acrylic Eyeball
Honorable Mention - Alex Blaise- Acrylic Eyeball
Honorable Mention - Ellie Lamoreaux- Acrylic Flower 
3rd Place- Lana Briggs- Dolphin-scape
2nd Place- Haley Trisket- Strawberries
1st Place- Savannah Greenmun- Harmony

Best in Category- Tony Zheng- Ind. Study Landscape
best in category - painting

Honorable Mention - Carson Turcotte – Spiderman
Honorable Mention - Sophia Bucci – Rode Hand
Honorable Mention - Chad Sparling – Wire Figure
Honorable Mention - Maddi Trisket – Tongue Tied
3rd Place- Mary Bush – Blue Mountain 
2nd Place- Mersedes Roys – Self Portrait
1st Place- Maddi Trisket – Self Portrait

Best in Category- Grace Pavelski – Antler Bust

drawing group

Honorable Mention - Savannah Greenmun- Philippine Eagle
Honorable Mention - Alaina Hamilton- Capra Hircus
Honorable Mention - Tony Zheng- Toucan
Honorable Mention - Grace Frost- Portrait
Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Dzuba- Breath and Stretch
Honorable Mention - Arin Miller- Parrot
Honorable Mention - Sophia Ashman- Mac
Honorable Mention - Sarah Lesch- Stormy Seas
Honorable Mention - Erin Wales- Portrait
3rd Place- Maddi Trisket- Bo
2nd Place- Jessica Matson- Ocean
1st Place- Alain Hamilton- Charcoal Still Life

Best in Category- Elizabeth Dzuba- Eyes Shut

ceramics group

Honorable Mention - Aubrey Staub - Small Bottle
Honorable Mention - Jennings Terrell - Lidded Container
Honorable Mention - Grace Pavelski – Firebrick Round Vessel
Honorable Mention - Aubrey Staub – Legged Tea Pot
Honorable Mention - Dom Scott – Large Skinny-Handle Vessel
Honorable Mention - Kam Hoyt - Slab Textured Vessel
3rd Place- Addy Charpinsky – Tall Vessel
2nd Place- Grace Pavelski- Small Tea Pot
1st Place- Dominic Scott- Textured Pot

Best in Category- Sophia Bucci- Tea Pot 

mixed media awardees

Honorable Mention - Jimmy Fitzgerald- Poseidon Mask
Honorable Mention - Aubrey Staub- Burn it Down
Honorable Mention - Kaylee Warner- Asiatic Lillies
Honorable Mention - Elena Rose- Crying Hands
Honorable Mention - Roselina Velez- Balloon Dog
Honorable Mention - Angel Herndon- Angels 
3rd Place- Logan Henyan- God of Sea Mask
2nd Place- Alaina Hamilton- Cheetah
1st Place- Sophia Bucci- Bark Bust

Best in Category- Savannah Greenmun- Mortem Ortu
best in category - mixed media
Elizabeth DzubaDzuba A P Art Display

Maddi Trisket
Trisket - AP Art Display

Savannah Greenmun
Greenmun AP Work

Thank you to the CV Art Department for all of the work put into making this show possible!

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