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Electric Bus Information

This webpage will be routinely updated. Please check back for more information.
View more information in the 2024 Budget Newscaster: Click Here

What to Expect on Your Ballot on Tuesday, May 21, 2024:

The Chenango Valley Budget Vote and School Board Election will be held on Tuesday, May 21, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Chenango Valley High School Auditorium (221 Chenango Bridge Road). You can see more information on voter eligibility and other details here.

This year, we’re taking a slightly different route by introducing two bus bond propositions for our community’s consideration, aiming to keep our bus fleet safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

New York State currently requires that, starting in 2027, all new school bus purchases must be zero-emission. By 2035, a district’s entire fleet must meet this standard. This decision aligns with our shared goal of a sustainable environment and a healthier future for our students. By acquiring one electric bus now, CV can begin to transition cost-effectively and plan strategically for future requirements.

Gradual Replacement: Our plan to replace three to four buses of our aging fleet yearly continues. If both propositions pass, we’ll replace three buses, aligning with our strategic goals for student transportation.

Why Two Propositions? We’re embracing transparency and flexibility. This dual approach allows for varying outcomes based on community preference. Voting for one or both propositions will affect our ability to maintain our fleet replacement schedule.

Electric Bus Transition Efforts: Knowledge is power, and we’ve taken crucial steps to ensure a smooth transition towards electrifying our buses and actively engaging with our school community, including:
  • An in-depth study conducted by Arcadis, funded by NYSERDA, on bus electrification.
  • Presentations to BOE, which offered an opportunity for feedback and open discussions.
  • April “Touch a Bus” event, which provided community interaction with an electric bus.
  • Committee established to lead the transition to an all-electric bus fleet.
  • Dedicated webpage launched for updates and resources on electric buses.
These efforts reflect our commitment to a sustainable future and to providing our community with the opportunity for informed decision-making.

Proposition #1: Electric Bus Bond
  • What You’re Voting On: The purchase of one 62-passenger electric bus.
  • What You Should Know: There are several factors that we have identified regarding bringing electric buses to our community, including but not limited to: Electric buses mean cleaner air and reduce our carbon footprint, lower operational and maintenance costs, and offer a quieter ride for our students. This will also provide students educational opportunities and will allow drivers and mechanics to gain experience. With current state incentives approved for the district, this purchase option is comparable to the purchase of a diesel bus.
Proposition #2: Diesel Bus Bond
  • What You’re Voting On: The purchase of two diesel buses, one 62-passenger and one 26-passenger wheelchair accessible, to ensure we meet current transportation needs.

Why is Chenango Valley looking to introduce an electric bus?

As part of the budget vote on May 21, 2024, the Chenango Valley community will be asked to vote on a proposition to add one electric bus to our current fleet.

Here are the main points we're considering:
  • Environmental Benefits: We're optimistic about the positive impact electric buses could have on our environment, offering a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to traditional diesel buses.
  • Cost-Effectiveness through Current Grants/Incentives: Thanks to current grants the district has been approved for, the cost of adding an electric bus would be as affordable as purchasing a traditional diesel bus.
  • Alignment with State Requirements: As stated above, New York State is planning to require that by 2027, all new bus purchases must be zero-emission vehicles, aiming for a fully electric fleet by 2035. Starting now puts us ahead of the curve and aligns with these goals.
  • Long-Term Planning: Introducing an electric bus now allows us to plan more effectively for the future, considering the available incentives and the broader shift towards sustainable transportation.

Touch A Bus Event

Electric Bus - Touch a Bus EventElectric Bus - Touch a Bus Event

On April 25, Chenango Valley hosted a Touch a Bus event, giving the community an up-close look at an electric bus. Participants engaged with experts to discuss the features and logistics of sustainable transportation.

For those who missed the event or have further questions, please contact CV School Business Executive Beth Donahue at [email protected] or call 607-762-6803.

Additional Budget Information and Resources: Click Here

Electric Bus Presentation from Leonard Bus

Electric Bus Presentation: Click Here

Examples of other school districts that have added an electric bus to their fleet:


If you have questions, please reach out to CV Superintendent Dr. Larry Dake ([email protected]) or School Business Executive Beth Donahue ([email protected]).