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Questions and Answers 2021

Q: Why would the district use a bond issue to complete this proposed project, rather than funding it as part of the annual budget?
A: A bond issue is the most cost-effective means of financing large building projects, since it is not financially feasible to put the amount of work proposed in this plan into the annual budget. This would create an unacceptable tax increase. In addition, renovation work included in the annual budget may not receive any state aid.

Q: How would the district provide a safe learning environment for students and staff while work is underway?
A: The safety and well-being of students and staff would be our top priority during construction and renovation. Although most of the new construction and heavy renovation work would be scheduled during the summer, we would work closely with our project professionals to develop a plan that would minimize the impact to teaching and other school activities for work that would take place during the regular school year.

Q: What if our project costs more than the referendum amount?
A: It cannot legally exceed the figure of $19,574,000. Our architect will help us get the project we need within the referendum amount.