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Middle School Clubs

CV Middle School Clubs (2022-23 School Year)

Art Club
  • Art Club offers art-related activities to students who are interested in strengthening their creativity and imagination. Membership is open to all middle school students. You don’t have to be enrolled in an art class to be in Art Club.
  • Whether you’re a beginner who wants to be a creative artist or an artist who wants to be more creative, Art Club is for you.
SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
  • Do you ever wish that you could help your friends make healthier decisions? Join SADD to brainstorm ways to help our school be a healthy, fun place to be!
  • SADD is open to all middle school students. We will plan school-wide activities to promote positive, healthy decision-making in our school, to create the best middle school that we can. We will focus on Random Acts of Kindness, Personal Safety, substance abuse prevention, and bullying prevention. If you are a creative and caring student, join SADD!
Warrior Club
  • Warrior Club plans fun events for the school like spirit weeks and activity days, welcomes new students, does the orientation for fifth grade students, meets every month with the principal, and can run other student led activities to make the school a better place. Do you have ideas to improve the school? Join Warrior Club!
Chess Club
  • Students of all abilities are welcome to join Chess Club. Rules and strategies will be discussed. This can be an opportunity for both fun and competitive play.
Make a Difference Club
  • Do you think about problems going on in the world and wish that you could do something about them? Join Make a Difference Club and work with your peers to make a change!
    1. When will we meet?
      • During Warrior Study Hall
    2. What will we do?
      • Think about real world problems that we care about
      • Learn about the problems we choose by researching and watching documentaries
      • Make plans about what we can do to change things
      • Meet with and learn from people from outside of school who are working on these problems
      • Find opportunities to help with the problems we are learning about in our community
CV Middle School Student Government
  • Are you ready to be a leader?
  • We are looking for representatives from every grade level!
  • There are 14 positions to run for!
  • Student Government will meet twice a month this year! Come be part of positive change at the CV Middle School!
  • See Mrs. Schmitz for more information on student government and Mrs. Schieve for student advisor questions!
  • Any sixth grade students interested in excelling in math skills and competing against other students in the area? Come out and give Mathletes Club a try with Miss Barton!
Science Club
  • Do you LOVE Science? Do you love doing experiments and creating new things? Then Science Club is for YOU!
  • In Science Club we will practice the scientific method with experiments, hands-on projects, and real-world science skills!
Middle School Yearbook
  • The Middle School yearbook is looking for students in grades 6,7 and 8 who are interested in taking pictures for the yearbook. You will take pictures throughout the day (hallway, lunch room, classroom - only if you get permission from the teacher) and will return the camera at the beginning of ninth period. If you are interested, please see Mr. Berg in the middle school gym or you can send him an email: [email protected]
Middle School Juggling Club         
  • This club is open to all middle school students. No experience is necessary. You just need to want to learn the skill of juggling. You can progress at your own rate. Your skills will increase at the rate determined by your level of effort. Come on out and learn to juggle!
Jazz Band
  • Meets during Warrior Study Hall
  • Any sixth, seventh or eighth grade student with some instrumental experience in Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drum Set
Debate Club
  • Become more informed about Current Events and Global Affairs!
  • Discuss different Historical Events!
  • A fun way to develop communication and debate skills!
  • Open to all middle school students who are interested!