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Warrior Fund/CV Food Pantry Annual Report

Warrior Fund: Yearly Report
September 2022 - August 2023

"Thank You!" to our community and CV staff for their generous donations to assist our Chenango Valley Families!
-Jackie Arnold, CV High School Social Worker: 607-762-6924

Did you know all proceeds from CV Alumni Association memberships benefit the Warrior Fund? In addition, the CV Alumni Association's annual recognition event helps to greatly assist the Warrior Fund. Thank you for the support! For more information on the organization and its upcoming events: Click Here 

Would you like to help support the Warrior Fund? Contact Jackie Arnold at 607-762-6924 or [email protected].
  • Assisted 88 families and more than 275 children with CV Holiday Programs.
  • Provided school supplies for 66 students and 85 backpacks.
  • Two Warrior Fund scholarships to CV graduates.
  • Assisted with 12 Homecoming tickets.
  • Purchased food for school contests and events for students.
  • Provided incentive items to support the success of 88 students.
  • Purchased auto parts for four families for car repairs.
  • Purchased mattress and sheet set for four children.
  • Supplied household items for displaced and other families.
  • Purchased books for college classes.
  • Purchased food to support the food pantry.
  • Purchased 89 clothing items for students in need.
  • Provided diapers and infant items for 12 families.
  • Assisted with camp fees for seven students.
  • Supplied art materials for students.
  • Provided an emergency cell phone and a three-month plan for two independent students.
  • Assisted with one college application fee and supplies for college.
  • Provided 17 caps and gowns for graduation.
  • Supplied sports equipment and athletic shoes for 21 students.
  • Assisted 377 families with Aldi gift cards to cover lunch and food expenses at home and school.
  • Supported nine students with their BOCES materials for classes, uniforms, and steel-toe boots.
  • Distributed 38 gas cards for families and independent students for transportation to appointments, jobs, and medical treatments.
  • Provided 20 yearbooks for seniors.
  • Provided 16 prom tickets for seniors.
  • Supplied three prom dresses.
  • Assisted with 25 post-prom gifts for seniors.
  • Distributed hygiene products for 88 students.
  • Provided snacks for more than 100 students.
  • Assisted with four Junior Dinner Dance tickets.
  • Covered SAT test fees for students.
  • Assisted three families with fuel for heating.
  • Provided 10 Uber payments to help families attend meetings and children's events at school.
  • Purchased earbuds for students.
  • Provided winter coats, winter boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves (PD & CB).
  • Supplied eyeglasses for four students.
  • Helped with laundry assistance.
  • Provided Warrior Wear shirts for students.
  • Assisted with purchase of five student school pictures.
  • Covered the cost of membership to become a Sight for Students provider (free glasses).
  • Provided three students with cell phone minutes for emergencies/safety plans.
  • Assisted with car insurance for an independent student and one family.
  • Assisted 12 students with purchasing necessary prescriptions.
  • Assisted with purchase of three permits.
  • Provided Wellness Day supplies for students.
  • Assisted with rent for eviction issues.
  • Assisted with costs of five five-hour driving courses.
  • Assisted two students' tuition fees.
  • Distributed ten packs of bus passes and monthly passes to help students with transportation issues to work or medical/therapy appointments.
  • Assisted 105 students and families who used the CV Warrior clothing room (free donated clothing).

CHOW: CV Food Pantry
September 2022 – August 2023

Families Served: 723              Children: 1,344                        Adults: 329                         Seniors: 33