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Philosophy Statements


Philosophy Statements For Modified, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Programs


The modified athletic program is designed to teach skills, rules, fundamentals of team play, appropriate competitive behaviors and provide healthy competition for 7th and 8th grade student athletes. At this level we strive for team and individual success with a major emphasis on learning the sport. Every athlete is given the opportunity for meaningful contest participation, however, individual time may vary. The program facilitates adolescence's experience of being an athlete which includes physical fitness, understanding proper nutrition, and the rigors of competition including winning and losing. An expectation of participating in modified sports is a minimum of a five day per week commitment. Finally, we attempt to retain as many athletes as possible but due to issues related to student management, safety, and facilities students may be cut from a team.


This level of interscholastic competition is transitional-bridging the gap between our modified and varsity programs. While predominately a level for 9th and 10th grade athletes, 7th and 8th grade students who have qualified through selective classification may also participate. Additionally, an 11th grade student may be allowed to compete if that competition will further enhance the athlete's development. At this level their will be a higher expectation with a greater commitment of time and effort. Roles within a team will be established and the development of higher level skills will be a focus. Traditionally, contests become more competitive and playing time is indicative of an athlete's skill, conditioning, and commitment. As a result, contest participation will not be equal for all team members.


This level of interscholastic competition is the culmination of an athlete's scholastic career. This level of competition is primarily for juniors and seniors. Sophomore and freshman students may be invited to try-out and participate as well as any 7th and 8th grade athletes who have been selectively classified. Varsity team members will continue the development of advanced level skills. In addition, team members will be expected to display high levels of team play, sportsmanship, self-motivation, and a positive mental attitude towards their particular sport. A commitment of six days per week will be expected. Through participation students will learn and acquire important qualities for becoming responsible and productive adult citizens. Contest participation will be based on athletic ability, commitment, and demonstration of fundamental and high level psychomotor skills. Similar to the junior varsity level, contest participation will not be equal for all team members. In addition, some team members may not participate in certain contests.  Finally, the objective of the varsity level is to prepare to win in each contest. It should be noted that the ultimate measure of success for each team will not be based solely on winning or the lack thereof. Team success will also be measured by team and individual improvement, team cohesiveness, and enjoyment from participation.