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What sports are offered at Chenango Valley?

Fall                                            Winter                                                               Spring

Football (M, JV, V)                                Girls Basketball (M, JV, V)                               Boys Tennis (V)

Cheerleading (JV, V)                              Boys Basketball (M, JV, V)                             Baseball (M, JV, V)

Girls Soccer (M, JV, V)                          Girls Bowling (JV, V)                                         Softball (M, JV, V)

Boys Soccer (M, JV, V)                         Boys Bowling (JV, V)                                       Boys Track (M, V)

Girls Volleyball (M, JV, V)                     Boys Swimming (M, V)                                   Girls Track (M, V)

Girls Swimming (M. V)                           Wrestling (M, JV, V)                                       Lacrosse (M, JV, V)

Girls Cross Country (M, V)                   Cheerleading (JV, V)

Boys Cross Country (M, V)                  Indoor Track (JV, V)                        

Golf (V)

Girls Tennis (M, V)

How do I become eligible?

Obtain a green form (EVERY SPORT SEASON) from the Health Office/Athletic Office/PE Teachers
2.    Complete the green form with parent signature 
3.    Turn form into the health office
4.    Obtain a Physical - good for 1 calendar year.
5.    Attend sport try-outs/practice.

Other Information....?

– Information regarding eligibility, schedule, expectations, etc.
POST SEASON MEETINGS - Awards, season recap, off-season, etc.
Athletic Code of Conduct– Every student will be given an Athletic Code of Conduct.

Selective Classification– The process for 7/8 grade students to try-out for JV or Varsity. 

Transportation– Athletes are expected to travel to/from contests via school transportation. 

Practice- 5-6 days a week for approximately 2 hours.

Medical– All injuries must be report to the coach/health office and accident report completed if needed. Athletes who have attend a doctor, must be medically cleared by the health office to participate.

Academics– All students are expected to stay in good academic standing. Students are expected to attend Sports Study Hall 10thperiod or with an Academic teacher.

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