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Concussion Management and Awareness

Procedures for Student-Athletes:
  1. Reports signs/symptoms to coach, trainer, PE, nurse, parent, guardian, or other adult
  2. Cooperates with removal from play and evaluation by each coach/trainer/nurse/physician
  3. Participates in evaluation by coach/trainer/nurse or physician
  4. Provides medical evaluation info to school nurse Cooperates with graded return to play
  5. Reports return of any symptoms to trainer/coach/parent/guardian/school nurse, PE teacher


  • Observe for concussion signs/symptoms.
  • If present, remove student from play Perform sideline eval or send for school nurse
  • Report all injuries that occur in athletics or PE to school nurse
  • Initiates graded return to play, when student is symptom-free and cleared by a physician
  • Monitors and document return to play progress Reports student's symptoms (if recurring) to school, nurse, athletic director, family


  • Communicates prior history of head injuries to school nurse
  • Reports concussion signs/symptoms to nurse
  • Takes student for evaluation by physician if there are signs/symptoms of a concussion
  • Forwards medical evaluation by physician to nurse
  • Communicates with school nurse as symptoms change/resolve

School Nurse

  • Case Manager for concussion/injury
  • Communicates physicians' orders to AD, school athletic trainer, counselor
  • Regular concussion assessment of student as needed
  • Communicates with evaluating physician
  • Clears students for return to activities if no concussion diagnosis or when cleared by physician


  • Meets with family to create academic modification plans if needed
  • Administrator approves plans
  • Communicates academic plans and any updated modifications with teachers, student, and family
  • Acts as liaison between teachers, student, and family


  • Evaluates, diagnoses, develops treatment plan, follows up, releases student from medical care
  • Releases student from play restriction
  • Must be a NYS licensed physician