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Chenango Valley Central School District News Article

Digital Safety Expert Shares Insightful Presentations

Thank you to Internet Safety Expert Katie Greer for her valuable presentations on digital health and safety at Chenango Valley Central School District. 

caregiver presentation

On the evening of June 10, Greer provided caregivers with insights on responsible social media use, engaging in meaningful discussions with their children, and maintaining digital privacy. She shared practical strategies to enhance children's online safety.

student presentation

On June 11, Greer presented age-appropriate sessions for different grade levels. She spoke to grades 3-5 at Chenango Bridge Elementary, grades 6-8 at Chenango Valley Middle School, and grades 9-12 at Chenango Valley High School. In her presentations, Greer emphasized the importance of thoughtful social media engagement, privacy awareness, and understanding the long-lasting impact of digital footprints. She encouraged students to be conscientious digital consumers and mindful of their online behavior.

Additional information can be found at https://www.klgreer.com/.

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