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CV Students Receive 'Distinguished' Awards for NYSATA Portfolio Projects

Information/Photos Provided by Mr. Wilson

Two Chenango Valley High School seniors received the highest level awarded, "Distinguished," for their participation in the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) Portfolio Project. Congratulations to Savannah Greenmun and Elizabeth Dzuba on this exceptional accomplishment!

On April 26, Savannah and Elizabeth attended the New York State Portfolio Project for region 4 in Lansing, NY. They had to prepare multiple works, including all process artifacts, and present their work in detail to a judge. They also had to prepare an artist statement, resource-based response, and prepare for any potential questions or prompts from judges.

Receiving a distinguished is the highest honor a student can receive in the program. This is particularly impressive, as they were piloting the newest version of the program that aligns to the new national art standards.

According to the NYSATA website, "The Portfolio Project is an initiative of NYSATA that was developed in cooperation with the New York State Education Department. It is an authentic assessment tool that is based on The New York State Learning Standards and provides students with an opportunity to present portfolios of their work at regional adjudication sites. The student portfolios provide evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts. Feedback is available for the student, parents/caregivers, school, and community. The Portfolio Project can provide an authentic source for data on student success in the visual arts."

More information can be found here: www.nysata.org/portfolio-project

Way to go!
Savannah GreenmunElizabeth Dzuba

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