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Follow-Up Communication - 5th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony

Dear Families,

We look forward to celebrating our 5th grade class tomorrow morning, June 18.  As shared earlier today, our ceremony will now take place in the Chenango Valley High School auditorium at 10:15 a.m. We ask that you please enter through the auditorium entrance. Due to the change in venue, we will need to adjust our ceremony structure, as the 8th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony follows our moving-up event.  

Below are a few key items to be aware of to help things run smoothly tomorrow.

Dismissal After the Ceremony
If you choose to take your student home following the ceremony, you will be able to sign them out but must have identification.  There will be four sign-out stations to help the process move quickly.  
  • Express: Families who sent the RSVP back to school ahead of time indicating that they will be picking up after the ceremony.
  • A-I, J-R, S-Z: If you did not return the RSVP, families will get in the sign-out line based on their student’s last name.  
Students will remain in the auditorium and be called out once their families have signed them out.  

Cookies and bottled water will be available for families to take with them as they leave the building.  

Photos will be taken during the ceremony, but families are welcome to take their own pictures as well.  
If you have an 8th grade student participating in the noon ceremony, you will need to leave and then re-enter at the start of that event. 

Thank you again for your support this year and congratulations to our 5th graders!
Mrs. Yurko
Chenango Bridge Elementary School