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Students help beautify 'Depot' wall

A dozen Chenango Valley High School art students volunteered time this summer to help paint a mural to beautify the "Depot" wall near Chenango Valley's athletic fields (it's located behind the tennis courts near the Chenango Valley High School).

The wall is part of a portion of the building that is currently owned by Broome County.

Cindy O'Brien, County Legislator for District 10, helped to bring the project to fruition. CV art teachers Karen Krawczyk, Robert Zanot and Andrew Fitzsimmons helped to turn an art vision into reality through the creation and painting of this mural design.

Broome County helped to prep the area first. They patched cracks, power washed/scraped to remove flaking paint and primed the wall with white paint.

The "mural team" began the colorful painting portion of the project on Monday, July 10. O'Brien also lent a hand in the painting process.

It took 11 days and 18 gallons of paint to complete the mural on the 19' by 200' wall. (See below for final result).

O'Brien also gave Certificates of Recognition on July 27 to acknowledge everyone's hard work.

A huge thank you to all involved -- including District 10 County Legislator Cindy O'Brien, Broome County, our CV art teachers (Karen Krawczyk, Robert Zanot & Andrew Fitzsimmons), our 12 high school art students who volunteered their time this summer (Kayla Ferris, Lauren Marble, Tara Terpstra, Craig Salzman, Julie Worden, Mia Hause, Linsey Reardon, Megan Proutey, Abby Pepples, Cassidy Hopkins, Carly O'Brien & Rebecca Mercik), the CV Maintenance Department for supplying materials, and CV Superintendent David Gill!

Here is a before picture:
Depot before picture with peeling walls
Broome County primed the wall:
depot before picture with white paint
The "mural team" began the colorful painting portion of the project on Monday, July 10:
far away shot of depot wall with paint on it
far shot of students painting
closer shot of girl painting with brush
farther shot of girl painting with brush
far away shot from left of colorful building in progress
students mr zanot mrs o brien and mrs krawczyk pose in front of colorful wall holding paint brushes and rollers
(High school art students pictured with Mr. Zanot, CV art teacher; Mrs. Krawczyk, CV art teacher & Cindy O'Brien, District 10 Broome County Legislator)

Mural as of 7/12/17:
progress of depot wall art project from far away
progress of depot wall art project from left side
Mural as of 7/18/17:
far shot of colorful depot painting project update with students painting in distance
wide shot from the left of students painting depot wall
closer look at depot wall painting update shows trees in black paint and deer
wide shot from the right of students painting depot wall
Mural as of 7/27/17 (complete):
far shot of finished depot wall mural
far shot of media and those involved in the depot wall mural
mister zanot describes how the mural was created
students teachers staff and cindy o brien in front of depot wall finished mural
c v art teachers involved in depot wall mural
some of the students involved in mural painting
mister zanot signs the mural wall
student signing mural wall
media videotapes students and teachers signing names on mural
student receives letter of recognition from cindy o brien
broome county legislature letters of recognition in cindy o briens hands
c v students and teachers stand by names on depot wall
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