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Mock Accident Presentation Encourages Students to Make Safe Choices
Prom and graduation are soon approaching. In addition, Chenango Valley will have many high school students who are novice drivers. A presentation at CV High School on May 29 helped to reinforce the importance of all drivers making safe choices.
 wide shot of scene

“We want to make sure that these kids are going to make smart decisions and think before they get in a car,” said Five Mile Point Assistant Fire Chief Dave Abell.
firefighters using jaws of life on car 

With this in mind, Mr. Abell, who is a CV parent in addition to his firefighting duties, teamed up with Chenango Valley’s Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) chapter for a mock DWI accident presentation. With the help of student actors, and real emergency personnel and vehicles, a simulated scene of what could be a real-life tragedy played out in front of CV sophomores, juniors and seniors at the high school campus. Police officers, fire trucks, and ambulances arrived on scene. There was even a helicopter, coroner, and Jaws of Life used to show the serious consequences that can occur when someone chooses to drive while impaired or distracted.
 people putting stretcher on helicopter

Junior Eric Brom said seeing this presentation take place in front of him made the experience seem more realistic, especially knowing student actors involved. “It makes it a lot more relatable,” Brom added as he discussed the impact of the event, “Instead of just seeing pictures or videos.”

At the conclusion of the event, students who acted in the presenation came back on scene and read heartfelt and personalized letters to their families in front of their fellow classmates -- including their regrets, losses and how the accident forever altered their life.
student reading letter 

Similar to the high school hosting the “International Save a Life Tour” and its awareness program earlier this May, the purpose of this event was to inform, educate, and raise students’ awareness of tragic possibilities that can occur when making dangerous decisions while driving.

“When they leave here, I hope they think twice before they go behind the wheel impaired or choose to drive while distracted,” said Abell.
wide shot of students watching presentation 

Emergency personnel reminded students that thinking twice and making smart decisions could help to save not only their own lives, but the lives of many others as well.

Thank you to all who made this event possible, including:
SADD – Mrs. Chavez and Miss Brant
Lifenet 7-8
Chenango Ambulance
Superior Ambulance
Gary’s U-Pull It
Dr. Prindle from the Broome County Coroner’s Office
Deputy Stapleton, The Broome County Sheriff’s Office
Five Mile Point Fire Company
Hillcrest Fire Company
William R. Chase Funeral Home
Dave Casuik, Port Dickinson Fire Department
Dianna Myers
Mr. Abell
Mr. Retzlaff
Mr. Decker
Mr. Grubham
CV Administration
CV Faculty and Staff
Student Actors:
Roy Santa Croce
Linsey Reardon
Zaphir Hill
Noah Stroka
Jake Weir
Molly Grady
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