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Chenango Valley Central School District News Article

Students Participate in Virtual Lockheed Martin Engineering Event

Chenango Valley Middle School participants in grades 6-8 enjoyed putting their STEAM skills to the test during virtual Lockheed Martin Engineering Day events.

More than 50 Chenango Valley Middle School students took part. Seventh and eighth grade students participated on November 29. Sixth grade students participated on November 30.

For the activity, students created miniature catapults out of items including popsicle sticks, spoons, and rubber bands. After construction was complete, they tested how far these devices could launch cotton balls, gum drops, and/or M&Ms.

After regrouping with data from their test launches, students discussed what they learned from this experiment with the Lockheed Martin engineers. Discussion included how the angle of release could impact the height and distance the objects flew, and how weight or mass could impact the projectile as well.

Thank you to Lockheed Martin for hosting this event and inspiring Warriors to further explore future engineer opportunities!

seventh and eighth grade participants
sixth grade participants

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