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Accelerated Art Students Help Paint Beams in English Classroom

When Mr. Kammerman reached out to see if students could help to paint the three beams in his English classroom, CV Middle School art teacher Mrs. Krawczyk found an exciting class project opportunity for her Accelerated Art students.

Planning for this project began in November. The students learned that Mr. Kammerman wanted artwork that would be peaceful and calming. He also wished to incorporate the quote “Learning is a leap of faith” in the design. Each student came up with an idea, drew a sketch, and wrote an explanation to describe their idea. Mr. Kammerman and Mrs. Krawczyk then met to choose the ideas that best met his vision.

After three designs were selected, students created a "mock-up" version on paper that was the same length as the beams. They added color with chalk pastels to help plan the colors they would use. 

Through this project, students are able to learn about color mixing and also have the opportunity to work together to create artwork.

As of December 7, the students were making great progress in their painting. 
Stay tuned for the final results!

students paintingstudents paintingstudent painting beamstudent holding paintstudents painting beam

December 21, 2022 Progress:
students paintingstudent paintingstudent paintingstudent painting

January 6, 2023 Progress:
students and art teachers in classrooms
students paintingStudents paintingpainted polepainted pole

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