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Port Dickinson Explores 'Positivity Project' Trait of ‘Perseverance’
Port Dickinson Elementary students reviewed this week’s “Positivity Project” (P2) trait of “Perseverance” with a morning assembly presentation on January 21.
Mrs. Hoyt led the presentation. Port Dickinson Elementary educators helped her to share the meaning of the word and how to spell it. According to the "Positivity Project" definition, perseverance means that “You complete what you start despite obstacles. You never give up."
educators spelling out word perseverance 
Chenango Valley Middle School/High School teacher Mr. Will Stafford also visited to help demonstrate perseverance. Mr. Stafford spoke with students about how this trait helped him to learn how to juggle when he was younger. Despite any challenges, Mr. Stafford kept practicing. Today, he can juggle while riding a unicycle... and even balance a unicycle on himself while juggling! Port Dickinson Elementary students were quite impressed by his skills. Mr. Stafford also discussed how perseverance helped him to learn Spanish, which he now teaches to students.
mister stafford speaking with mrs hoyt 
mister stafford juggling 
educator riding unicycle while juggling 
 educator balancing unicycle on head while juggling
At the end of the assembly, Port Dickinson Elementary students were encouraged to continue using perseverance to overcome obstacles and work towards achieving goals.