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Please Make Sure You are "Opted in" to Receive CVCSD Text Message Alerts
Due to new FCC rulings, in order to continue receiving text message alerts from Chenango Valley Central School District through our alert system, cell phone users will need to approve having these text messages sent to them by "opting in.” *Per the information we received, this will only need to be done once.*

If you have previously signed up to receive our text alert messages to your cell phone AND you have not already opted in by texting "Yes" to an opt in text prompted through an alert notification on or after October 11, 2019, please do one of the following in order to make sure you continue receiving important text message alerts from our district.

Ways to opt in (if you are already signed up for text alert notifications)
1. Visit and type in your ten-digit phone number (including area code). Once you add your number, press subscribe. Next, enter the PIN number provided and press subscribe again. You should now be opted in to receive CVCSD text message alerts.*

2. You can text "Yes" to 87569 in order to opt into continuing to receive CVCSD text message alerts.*

*Please note that you will only receive messages for the notification preferences you have selected through our alert system. Please make sure you have selected all preferences that are applicable to you.

If you have not previously signed up for our text/email alert system or need to check your alert preferences/information
1. Go to
2. Log in or create a new account by choosing “Register New User”
3. Select the notification preferences you would like to receive. To receive notifications for district-wide emergencies, which include weather-related school closings and delays, select “Emergency Alerts/Closing and Delay”
4. If you are a new user, you will still need to “opt in” to continue receiving alert text messages to your phone. You can do so either through the methods listed above in “Ways to opt in” or when prompted by text message.

In addition, if you have signed up for email alert notifications, you should still receive these and do not need to do an “opt in” confirmation for CVCSD email alerts at this time. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chenango Valley Director of Technology/Curriculum Sarah Latimer at [email protected]