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‘Warrior Stretch’ Shares Valuable Information
On October 22, Chenango Valley High School teacher Mr. Matthew Wilson led "Warrior Stretch" sessions on “Handling Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Disruptive Students in the Classroom.” 
 wide shot of educators in classroom for Warrior Stretch
The goal was to help fellow educators better understand the underlying causes of disruptive behaviors. Discussion also included ways to create plans and strategies to build positive relationships and help students to succeed.
 up close of mister wilson speaking to educators

The goal of "Warrior Stretch" is to give faculty members the opportunity to provide their colleagues valuable information on school-based topics. We look forward to seeing this initiative continue to grow with additional presenters throughout the school year!
wide shot of warrior stretch classroom 

Previous “Warrior Stretch” Workshops
September 19, 2019 – "Warrior Stretch" lesson led by Mr. Michael Breed and Ms. Lauren Macaluso