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'My Warrior and Me' Discusses Important Sports and Health Topics
As student-athletes prepare for their spring 2023 sports season, CV Athletics partnered with UHS to share a "My Warrior and Me" presentation along with the preseason meeting on March 21. 

The presentation included representatives from UHS discussing a variety of important topics that impact the health and performance of student-athletes:
  • Health Updates (including concussions, the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, and pre-participation sports physical exams)
  • Sports Nutrition (how to fuel your body with nutrients that will help you to succeed)
  • Sports Performance, Injury Prevention, and Athletic Training
  • UHS Chenango Bridge Physical Therapy
Thank you to all of the professionals who shared insightful information with our students and families in attendance!

mister tomm speaking at presentationpresenter speaking on health updatespresenter speaking on sports nutritionu h s presenterpresenters speaking on athletic trainingpresenter speaking on physical therapy