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Congratulations to Our Retirees!
Congratulations to this year's Chenango Valley retirees! Thank you for your years of dedicated service! We wish you each the best in all future endeavors!
 Al DiRusso
 Al DiRusso has worked at Chenango Valley for 19 years. He has taught middle school French and Spanish, high school French and Spanish, and Fast Forward Spanish. He was also the Spanish Club advisor for two years and a Seal of Bilteracy mentor. 
What makes Mr. DiRusso proud to be a Warrior? "The community spirit and givingness of the community, along with the exceptional talent from all of my colleagues from pre-K through grade 12."
Advice/Inspirational Quote: "Remember, it is our own responsibility to seek, find and ensure our own happiness." 
Ted Hoffman
 Ted Hoffman has worked at Chenango Valley for 23 years. He has taught in every building and every grade level, and coached a variety of sports at all levels for every year at Chenango Valley. One morning, he even helped out as a crossing guard!
What makes Mr. Hoffman proud to be a Warrior? "I am proud to be a part of a school district that demonstrates its professionalism, compassion, and care for students and employees alike. It is a district that commits to helping its community and strives for improvement each year."
Advice/Inspirational Quote: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” - Hebrews 11:1
Liz Krukowski
Liz Krukowski has worked as a speech-language pathologist at Chenango Valley for the past 37 years.
What makes Mrs. Krukowski proud to be a Warrior? "I am proud to have 
worked with so many wonderful people at Chenango Valley; from the Little Warriors who have taught me about patience, humor and perseverance to the most amazing colleagues who have helped shape and educate my own two children and given me so much support on a professional and personal level."
Advice/Inspirational Quote: "Be kind to one another!"
Cherie Lange
 Cherie Lange has worked at Chenango Valley for 22 years. Her roles have included social studies teacher, student council advisor, seventh grade class advisor, YES Leads advisor, and CVTA officer (President for the past three years).
What makes Mrs. Lange proud to be a Warrior? "As a district resident and mother of two grown sons, the CV community has been a rewarding place to raise my children. They had a superior education at Chenango Valley, having the opportunity to learn and grow with amazing teachers and coaches. I have been fortunate to be a part of the educational system here. I also have had the privilege to work with some of the most dedicated, innovative professionals in the educational field. Some of them have become life-long friends, and many are just awe inspiring colleagues that work countless hours to be the best they can be for their students. Lastly, the students have done more to teach me over the years than I have taught them. As I have watched countless children grow over the years into productive, caring adults, there can be no better reward as a teacher. I cannot express how thankful I am to have been a part of the CV Warrior community and my role as a middle school teacher."
Cindy Moody
Cindy Moody worked for Chenango Valley for 21.5 years. For 11 years, 1994 through 2006, she was a classroom teacher aide. The next 10.5 years, she was a secretary (senior typist) in the Chenango Valley Middle School main office.
What makes Mrs. Moody proud to be a Warrior? "I am proud to be a Warrior because my husband and children went to school and graduated from CV. Now my Granddaughter attends CV. I felt honored to work at a place where I had become good friends with so many coworkers who were so kind and caring for all children and colleagues. Children definitely come first from administrators down to the custodians."
Sue Perry
Sue Perry has worked at Chenango Valley Middle School and High School for 26 years. She's been a Latin teacher for all that time. Mrs. Fox was the teacher before her, who also taught Latin for many years.
What makes Mrs. Perry proud to be a Warrior? "I've always been proud to say I'm a Chenango Valley teacher because it is known as one of the finest, and is, in my opinion, absolutely the finest school in the area, on every level you can think of. And of course, it's the only school district in the area with a Latin program, which is going to continue forever! Chenango Valley students are the brightest and the best!"
Advice/Inspirational Quote: "I don't see myself as being terribly wise, but I guess I would say, based on my own experience, if you have something you're really good at, and you love doing it (like talking to young people about Latin and the Romans all day long, for example) just follow your destiny and do everything you can to make sure you do the job you were meant to do. There will always be people who are negative and who will give you many reasons why you can't do it, but don't listen! The fates will find a way! And when you have a job you love, the years fly by, as they've done for me."
Judy Phillips 
Judy Phillips has worked at Chenango Valley since 1993. She worked at Port Dickinson Elementary School and at Chenango Bridge Elementary School as a teacher aide in the classroom for 23 years. The last four years, she was the computer lab aide for Chenango Valley Middle School.
What makes Mrs. Phillips proud to be a Warrior? "I am most proud of the connections I have made with the students I have worked with over the years. It has been a very rewarding career." 
 Jim Pritchard
 After 17 years of working in the Chenango Valley Central School District, Jim Pritchard has decided it is time for the next chapter in his life. He will be retiring as of July 1, 2020.  Mr. Pritchard was hired in 2002 to be the principal of Port Dickinson Elementary School, and was the principal there for 15 years. In 2018, he had the opportunity to move over to Chenango Bridge Elementary where he has been the principal for the last two years.
What makes Mr. Pritchard proud to be a Warrior? "During my time at Chenango Valley, I have made a lot of good friends and worked with a fantastic group of dedicated people. I have also met a lot of wonderful families. I am proud to be a Warrior, and proud that I was able to be a large part of the education of the students at Chenango Valley. I thank you for letting me serve your children and your community for all these years."
Paul Reed 
Paul Reed started at CV in 1987. He began with teaching chemistry, biology and 8th grade science; then eventually just regents biology; currently college biology, environmental science, genetics, forensics, and personal management. Mr. Reed has taught general chem, regents chem, introductory physical science, 7th grade life science, 8th grade physical science... basically every science course except Physics.

Mr. Reed was faculty advisor of Minds Eye for a few years, senior class advisor for several years, environmental/outing club advisor for a few years, gay straight alliance advisor for a few years, bible club advisor for a few years, was in several (7 or 8?) drama productions... and says there are probably other roles to add!
What makes Mr. Reed proud to be a Warrior? "The faculty and staff are great to work with and have a genuine concern for the students. I really love working with my kids, building relationships, having those true heart-to-heart conversations with them. I have been in the position to gain some very intimate relationships with many of my kids and learned so much about their lives, what matters, what doesn’t, theology, their concerns, their fears, their loves. I love my hallway people!"
Advice/Inspirational Quote: "You make the decision you want to and I will back you up 100%...but please know, those decisions have consequences....some good, some not so good. Decide wisely. Also, “Seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your Creator.”
Christopher Ruf
Christopher Ruf has worked at Chenango Valley for 31 years. In addition to being the Chenango Valley Middle School and High School librarian, he has coached both football and lacrosse at all levels and was instrumental in bringing both boys and girls lacrosse to the district. Additionally, he has been the Ski Club advisor for his entire career, formed and advised the Chenango Valley Gamers Club, and has helped guide in the creation of the yearbook for the last five years.
What makes Mr. Ruf proud to be a Warrior? "As a Chenango Valley Graduate, it has been an honor to return to the area and the district and help instill my unique brand of values and ethics to so many of of my students and especially the athletes who have played for me and the coaches who have worked with me."
Advice/Inspirational Quote: "If I had one last piece of advice for my colleagues and my students it would be: Don't let other people's opinion of you form who you will be. If in your heart and soul you know your actions are right, stay true to your convictions. Your true friends will always stand by you while the rest who don't are merely actors playing out their parts in the story that is your life."
June 17 Recognition
mister reed being recognized 

mister ruf being recognized 
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