Chenango Valley Central School District Closure
All Chenango Valley schools are closed from Monday, March 16, through Monday, April 13, due to a Broome County State of Emergency in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continue to provide additional updates to families as they become available. 
Student Meal Distribution Update (Effective 3/30/2020) 
For information on updates to student meal distributions at the Chenango Valley site (effective Monday, March 30), click here.
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We at Port Dickinson School know that conflict or disagreement is normal and often happens when children get together. However, hurtful words, gestures, or physical attack are unacceptable ways to deal with conflict and disagreement at school.

Our goal is to teach students positive ways to deal with these difficult situations. Students learn the difference between big and small problems and, of course, any adult at school will immediately handle any serious conflicts that cause a child to feel threatened or frightened.

Most problems though are small and we ask students who have minor problems to try at least two of the following ideas/choices:

  1. Talk It Out
  2. Walk Away
  3. Ignore
  4. Tell Them To Stop
  5. Apologize
  6. Make A Deal
  7. Wait And Cool Off
  8. Go To Another Game
  9. Share And Take Turns

This process should be tried before asking an adult for help. If a student asks an adult for help, they should include the two ideas they've tried - "Mrs. Jones, Johnny is teasing me about my glasses. I tried ignoring him, and I told him it hurts my feelings when he makes fun of me. He's still calling me names." An adult at school will then get involved to help solve the problem. The idea is to encourage children to first try and work out small problems themselves.

By using this plan, we believe that our students will develop effective problem-solving skills that they can use again and again. It helps them deal with conflict in a positive manner, make appropriate decisions, and reduces tattling. The program could easily be used at home as well. By working together, we can help develop a healthy life skill for young people to use throughout their lives. Please feel free to call our school social worker at 762-6970.

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