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CVHS Students Compete in 'Feats of Clay'
With about 125 pounds of clay and an equal abundance of passion, 29 Chenango Valley High School students competed in the 31st annual “Feats of Clay” competition at Onondaga Community College on May 4.

This was the high school’s tenth year competing in the event, led by CVHS art teacher Mr. Andrew Fitzsimmons. Students contributed in various roles throughout the competition’s six events.

Round one was the “Cylinder Stack” relay event. Four team members had to throw on the wheel in a consecutive order. They then had to stack the cylinders on top of each other to make a completed structure, as tall as possible, within a ten-minute time frame.
 students taking part in cylinder stack event

Next came the “Mug Production” event. This event required four team members to produce as many mugs as they could, at least four inches in height, within a ten-minute time frame.
 students taking part in mug production event

Afterwards, was the “No Hands Throw” event. Working in a group of four, teammates threw the largest piece they could in ten minutes, without using their hands or any tools! 
 students taking part in no throw event

The “Blindfold Throw” event followed for round four. A team of two had five minutes to work together and build five pounds of clay as tall as they could.  The catch… the team member building was blindfolded! Their teammate could only assist by communicating with their blindfolded partner and dripping water on their hands to help keep the clay wet.
 students taking part in blindfold throw event

Event number five was the “Pot Put.” Four team members had the chance to attempt to throw three clay mugs each into buckets either at 20 feet or 30 feet away. This event is more challenging than it may seem, but our Chenango Valley students did a great job with their aim and precision!
 student throwing mug in pot put event
The final event, “Coil Building,” called for all team members to take part. Each “Feats of Clay” team had 30 minutes to build the tallest coil tower possible. 
 students taking part in coil building event

Overall, it was a day filled with fun competition and great learning experiences! 
feats of clay group 

In addition, five Chenango Valley students had their artwork on display in the “Feats of Clay High School Student Exhibition."

“Old Man” – Allen Doan, Grade 12
old man clay structure

“Demon” – Allen Doan, Grade 12
demon clay structure

“Steampunk Face Jug” – Mia Hause, Grade 12
steampunk face jug clay structure

“Rice Bowl” – Jocelyn Schell, Grade 12
rice bowl clay structure

“Teapot and Cup” – Marrissa Rogers, Grade 11
teapot clay structure

Allen Doan received an Independent Potters Association Award for his “Old Man” piece.  
 Allen Doan holding Award of Excellence
For more information on the “Feats of Clay” event, visit
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