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Guidance Department 
Our Philosophy
Our counselors view each student as an individual, with unique abilities, background, emotions, personal traits and goals, and we approach students' needs accordingly.  We acknowledge the innate dignity and worth of every student, regardless of academic potential and ability.  Beginning with class scheduling, we recognize the differences among students, and each student is scheduled individually, with significant consideration of aptitudes, interests and goals.

The one-to-one relationship between counselor and student is extremely important, as is the mutual understanding that the ultimate responsibility for a student's success rests with the parents.  As such, we strive to maintain effective communication among the guidance department, the student, and his/her parents/guardians.  Decisions affecting a student's course of study, scheduling or changes that would affect future plans are referred to parents before action is taken.
Our Staff
Jackie Arnold
HS Social Worker
HS Counselor
Debra Lally
MS Counselor
Beth Hubenthal
MS Social Worker
   Karen Mullins  
   HS Counselor  
   Shelby Samson 
  MS Counselor
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